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Our Story

A better community happens in the smallest moments.

Our family of businesses includes nine restaurants, a pie shop, a wine club and a farm that raises organic produce for our restaurants. We are dedicated to the people and businesses of our region and to the practices of good stewardship for our planet. These principles have given us the framework to achieve our specific desire to provide excellent hospitality and warm, friendly service to our guests. The greatest changes for a better community happen in the smallest moments: a smile, a courtesy, a warm meal, a good song, and a good drink at the right time in an environment that welcomes you... where you can relax. Hospitality to inspire or simply be comfortable in, whatever is needed we are here to serve.

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Why The Name?

Good friends and Auguste Escoffier.

Ten Course Hospitality got its name and philosophy from a group of friends who gathered several times a year to enjoy fine food, drink and each other's company. We called these gatherings a The Ten Courser, because they were fashioned on a Ten Course dinner that we had read at the time was Auguste Escoffier's perfect dinner structure.

Many of us were chefs, in the wine and beverage business, or just good friends. Each person would study a course and strive to create something elegant and magical to make this an evening that was itself elegant and magical. Those nights were some of the best times in my life, the warm glow of candlelight, laughter, great music, poetry sometimes read, and the food that contained the most important ingredient to any fine There was epic wine, aged ales, handmade tinctures, digestives, and rare spirits. The warmth of these evenings were what inspired my career and what I have always strived to bring to my guests.

— Will Richey
PHOTO: Tom McGovern

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Bring joy to our community.

Every person working with us brings a light to our collective and helps us to redefine daily who we are and how we can serve our community. If you would like to be part of our team we'd love to hear from you.

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